Blaze (Age:5-9)

Blaze 16T
Ergonomically designed stylish wave frame Unisex MIG welded.
FORK Uni-Crown MIG welded.
HANDLE Ergonomically designed ATB handle.

Soft PVC Convex shape handle grip.

BRAKES Specially designed side pull caliper brake system.

Steel reinforced resin moulded brake levers.

Friction-free cable casings for effective braking.

CHAIN COVER Stylishly designed Steel Chain cover.
PEDAL Specially designed resin moulded anti-skid body reflectorised pedals.
SADDLE Ergonomically designed extra cushy black with coloured corners.
TRAINER WHEELS Specially designed extra strong rod type trainer wheels.

Attractive, large resin moulded wheels.

WHEELS 16 x 1.75 with steel rims.
MUDGUARD Attractive steel mudguards.
ACCESSORIES Stylish Carrier.
Note : Due to continuous innovation & improvements, Specification subject to change without notice.